Fee Prices

How your application is processed

We are a company specializing in B2B processes in acquiring TSA Precheck subscriptions for your employees. Our company is a third-party designee focusing on business-to-business service, which means we are not connected with the government. With this, we are not able to provide you with a guarantee on the result of your employees’ application. Below is the process of how your employees’ applications will be processed:

a. We have a service charge and that fee is per employee you as our client would like to apply for. If an employee’s application is denied we will provide a refund for the employee’s service charge fee. Be advised that the government’s membership application fee is non-refundable and this fee is paid directly to the government.

b. The employee will get an email after his/her application is completed. He/she will also get updates with every step of this process.

c. After setting an interview schedule the employee would need to adhere to the date of the interview and just wait for the background check to be done.

d. The background check is done by the government which may take about 2 to 6 weeks. There is no way to expedite this process. Once everything is done the employee will receive an email confirming the application is done.

TSA Precheck charges and fees

We guarantee that your employees’ application forms will have no errors or mistakes that would get them rejected. With this, we will refund you our service charge fee if the reason for denial is due to an error or mistake on the form

TravelersPrep.com service charge fee $149.95 per employee One time payment
TSA Precheck membership government fee $85 per employee 5 years of membership Validity

This site is not affiliated with or sponsored by the government. This site is a B2B service for employee travelersprep applications provided by a third-party company.